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We envision a world where women succeed in cybersecurity

Welcome to WomSA!

We are the Women’s Security Alliance and are dedicated to the success of women in cybersecurity. We believe a cybersecurity career is possible for anyone with the interest and passion to invest in their future success.  


WomSA is a nonprofit organization that empowers women in cybersecurity by:

  • Aligning your strengths and interests to a cybersecurity career path

  • Providing resources such as mentors that guide you through the cyber community

  • Brokering connections to funding resources to provide financial aid for training

  • Developing networking opportunities to meet industry experts, recruiters, and corporate executives


WomSA is the support system America has needed. At WomSA, we envision a world where women succeed in cybersecurity.



"Businesses continue to choose Michigan for expansion of their operations, and a strong cybersecurity talent pool is critical to meet the demands of our growth. Organizations like WomSA are essential to the future success and growth of a shared vision of diversity and inclusion by empowering women in the field of cybersecurity."

Sarah Tennant.png

Sarah Tennant | Sector Development Director & Cyber Initiatives

Michigan Economic Development Council (MEDC)


"CBI is committed to WOMSA’s mission of enabling women to succeed in cybersecurity and I am proud to have several members of our team sit on WomSA’s board.  WomSA’s objectives directly align to CBI’s core values and our focus on community.


WomSA partnered with CBI!"

Steve Barone.jpg

Steve Barone | CEO & President


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