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Sign up now to join our Spring 2024 Cohort, Kicking Off in March/April!

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Interested in an exciting and rewarding career in cybersecurity? Become a WomSA Mentee and benefit from the resources and support that WomSA can provide. 


Whether you are new to the workforce, unemployed, re-entering the talent pool, or looking for a new and challenging career in cybersecurity, WomSA membership is the first step.

WomSA Members come from different backgrounds with varying levels of IT experience ranging from no exposure or limited training - all the way to industry expertise. We believe that cybersecurity careers are available to anyone who is interested in pursuing one. WomSA membership benefits include:

  • Alignment to an industry Mentor for guidance through the cyber community. Mentors will review your experience, skills, and interests to help you select the right cybersecurity career path.

  • Customized training roadmap based on cybersecurity standards, frameworks, and best practices.

  • Tailored curriculum aligned to your individual career path.

  • Access to resources for financial support offered specifically for women entering cybersecurity careers.

  • Opportunities to network with executives, recruiters, and industry experts.

  • Visibility into internship and career opportunities.

If you'd like help entering or advancing in a cybersecurity career, sign up to become a mentee below. 

NOTE: By completing this form, you will be assigned to a WomSA Cybersecurity Mentor during our next Mentorship Program cycle.  Add to your allowed emails. 

Thank you for your interest! You'll receive a reply soon. 

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"As a recipient of the mentorship program, I've cannot express how awesome the program is. My mentor assisted me in designing a plan to increase my skills and attain certifications to help me progress towards my desired goals. I know that I can discuss any professional topic and they will listen with and help to push me in the right direction. Even until today, we have a wonderful relationship and discuss the depths of what is the cybersecurity field."

Denise Sanchez - Mentee

"I received a tremendous amount of support and advice through the WomSA Mentorship Program. My mentor and I connected on a frequent basis, and I always knew that they were available should I have any questions or need career advice. "

Katherine Nicholson -  Mentee

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