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Women in Workshop
Part of our success is the development of strategic alliances to offer supplementary services and resources to members. WomSA has developed several successful alliances with influential organizations within the business, technology, and not-for-profit spectrums.

Forming an alliance with WomSA provides your eligible clients with cybersecurity mentorship, career pathing, and networking. The partnership allows you to focus on core-competencies while increasing overall value to your target audience. WomSA alliance partners will also increase their brand awareness within our membership, volunteer and, sponsor databases. A larger audience not only influences your market size, but also supports a strong commitment to the cyber community.


"The Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MCWT) is enthusiastic to partner with the Women’s Security Alliance (WomSA). Both groups share parallel goals and objectives as well as a strong desire to enable women in technology, specifically cybersecurity.

I welcome the solidarity between MCWT and WomSA and look forward to working together as we diversify Michigan’s workforce. "

Chris Rydzewski MCWT.jpg

Chris Rydzewski | Executive Director

Michigan Council of Women in Technology

"Michigan is well positioned to support a healthy cybersecurity workforce. The demand for cybersecurity talent is on the rise and organizations like WOMSA are critical. WOMSA provides the education, training and connections for women in the cybersecurity industry to be successful. "

Michele Ureste.png

Michele Economou Ureste, MPA | Executive Director

Workforce Intelligence Network

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